I Exist - From Darkness (Prosthetic Records)

Filth, fury and finesse...
Release Date: 
17 Mar 2014 - 11:30pm

Canberran heavyweights I Exist. They’ve been in business a while now, plying their grimy trade around the Australian traps to an ever-swelling legion of acolytes over the course of two albums and four years of blood, sweat and, yes, the inevitable beers. But they’ve never sounded as convincing as their do on this, their third full length effort, From Darkness.

Put simply, this record oozes filth, and an air of nihilistic despair that I don’t remember hearing done this well since the glory days when Iron Monkey and Medulla Nocte were caving in skulls in English toilets in the late nineties.

However where acts like the ‘Monkey et all were content merely to spread misery via the gift of ear-castrating volume and no-future anarchic babbling, I Exist add a razor-sharp finesse to the armoury which results in the barrage presented on From Darkness as being damn-near irresistible. 

Tracks such as Sorrow on Hill 105, Ride to Hell and Eternal Reign throw in a musicality to the mix that most bands of this ilk check in at the cloakroom with their backpacks, meaning that, with a bit of good luck and a following wind there’s a chance that the mainstream – especially in the US - might well welcome these herberts with open arms. Certainly, there’s no reason why American alternative radio, falling over itself to play anything with even a faint whiff of Black Flag or Saint Vitus wouldn’t find itself salivating uncontrollably over the likes of ninety eight second nugget Obsession, whilst wax-loosening blasts like Tear Down the Crucifix and Cold World Vermin will do more than enough to keep die hard crust freaks close to the cause - I exist are covering all the bases here. 

So, as 2014 rushes headlong towards tipping point the band therefore finds itself in rather a nice place; being signed to a great label with the ability to push them into markets ever further away from their suburban roots than surely even they dreamed when first undertaking this journey in the first place is a nice enough start; but being in possession of a truly world-class album with which to cosh those markets repeatedly about the head is surely a position any band at this stage in its career would give it’s eye teeth for. As Tony Blair nearly said, things can only get better from here, and I’m predicting From Darkness will be the start of much bigger things for I Exist.