If I Were You - The Sleepless (Manifest Records)

If I Were You...I would keep my eyes on this band
Release Date: 
24 Oct 2014 (All day)

Hidden away deep in the Hudson Valley region of New York State lies the home base for one of the most exciting up and coming bands the area has seen in a long time. Blending elements of metalcore, post-hardcore, and electronica into a dozen finely crafted songs, Poughkeepsie's own If I Were You are finding themselves starting off on the right foot with their label debut The Sleepless. Pick a poison and If I Were You delivers it; from heavy hitting breakdowns to soaring vocals and lush synth leads, there's a little something for everyone. 

Formed nearly four years ago, If I Were You is an honest, determined four piece squad that picks up where bands such as The Devil Wears PradaEighteen Visions, and I the Breather leave off and breathe new life into the electronica/hardcore sound. With the release of the title track single gaining over 13 thousand views in just a few months, and follow up single Memories not far behind, it is clear that whatever you want to call the band's unique  sound, it has been nothing short of a success. 

Although post-hardcore/electronica bands tend to be written off by anyone but their fans due to cheesy lyrics, mediocre vocals, and poorly placed synth parts, If I Were You succeed where others fail by using their abilities as exceptional songwriters to avoid pitfalls that similar bands have fallen into. Varying the approach to each song keeps every track feeling like it may just be the best one on the album until the next track starts. Heavier songs such as System Failure and Too Far Gone begin to cross into Betraying the Martyrs and Northlane territory as far as intensity, while Heavy Heart sees drummer/vocalist Randy Pasquarella hit notes that rival those of Periphery vocalist Spencer Sotelo

With an entire career at their doorstep, If I Were You has a bright future ahead. By combining so many influences into one mega package, a few more years and fine tuning the sound may see the band become the next leader of the ever evolving post-hardcore genre. Stay tuned, this may just be history in the making.