Job For A Cowboy - Sun Eater (Metal Blade)

Death metal is the new job for this Cowboy
Release Date: 
11 Nov 2014 (All day)

Nearly ten years ago, a little band out of Arizona calling themselves Job For A Cowboy released an album entitled Doom. With members barely old enough to drive at the time, the band had unknowingly laid down one of the cornerstone albums for the genre that would come to be known as deathcore, and in doing so, had damned themselves to years of criticism from heavy metal elitists. Yet, after a decade of lineup changes, developing as musicians, and simply growing up, JFAC may have at last created an album that will break all prejudice against them with their latest offering, Sun Eater.

With a title sounding like something Mastodon might have called their last album, Sun Eater offers nine tracks that combine crushing death metal riffs with proggy overtones and tremendous guitar solos. Songs such as Eating the Visions of God and Sun of Nihility even give the spotlight to bassist Nick Schendzielos, who also handles the low end for Cephalic Carnage. The replacement of consistent breakdowns with a more progressive atmosphere tied with technical guitar work courtesy of axe men Alan Glassman and Tony Sannicandro leaves the album sounding more something you would expect from Decrepit Birth instead of a band adored by skinny teenagers rocking three inch gauges and straightened shoulder length hair.  

With the departure of long time drummer Jon "The Charn" Rice last year, JFAC called upon Intronaut skins-man Danny Walker to take on studio drumming. Additionally, George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher" of the mighty Cannibal Corpse makes a guest appearance on The Synthetic Sea to add a new level of brutality alongside JFAC vocalist Jonny Davy, the last original member left in the fold. Having long ago abandoned the pig squeals and indecipherable growls, Davy has tailored his vocal approach into a style that combines the best elements of death metal, thrash, and grindcore.

Breaking new ground and still young enough to keep growing as a band, Sun Eater is a marvelous display of a new era of Job For A Cowboy. It may be somewhat ironic that a band so heavily criticized for creating a genre hated by many would breathe new life into the world of death metal, but what a welcomed offering it is.