Lantlos - Melting Sun (Prophecy Productions)

Glorious post-blackened shoe-gaze...
Release Date: 
12 May 2014 - 11:30pm

Lantlos offer us some quite beautifully constructed post-blackened metal with their fourth album Melting Sun. All six tracks are gorgeously titled such as Azure Chimes, Aquamarine Towers and Jade Fields and composed in the keys of melancholy, maudlin and hopeful resurgence, as one would expect with this particular genre. I tend to get all poetic when it comes to this style of music - for instance, the opener Azure Chimes starts with a tangy guitar, over which are ladelled shiny, twinkling chords. A clean vocal (no shrieking vocals here) swoops in, soaring over the music. It's like a darker Coldplay, with more substance and body. Cherry Quartz has more of that twangy, shimmering guitar while the chords are majestic and proud. Delicate flourishes form like emerging buds transforming to flowers before some heavier chord work politely asks for to be admitted. It's ethereal yet solid stuff.

Aquamarine Towers offers up a slow, over-driven riff with gossamer, choir-like vocals. I'm swooning in cotton wool and silk. Wave upon wave, layer upon layer; it's like drowning in a beautiful manner. Jade Fields reiterates the melancholic vibe yet within it is a seed, a seed of the potential of hope and the possibility of rising above the mundane world. Resurrection is a viable option. That's the kind mood this album puts me in - it's not all sullen teenage angst (which is where a lot of this kind of music falls down); it's a thoughtful, reflective soundtrack and an excellent change of pace while retaining a profound depth of integrity.

Oneironaut drifts by like a cloud and album closer Golden Mind is incredibly mellow - bordering on the ambient. While I'm not a huge fan of shoe-gaze/post-blackened metal, Lantlos have certainly nudged me closer to a greater appreciation of the genre while inducing a dream-like state of reverie within me. Quite lovely.