Lord Volture - Will to Power (Mausoleum Records)

Oh so so-so...
Release Date: 
22 Sep 2014 (All day)

Dutch metallers Lord Volture love heavy metal. It oozes from their very pores, it informs their every musical action and it’s traditions and mores are evident in every damn song featured on Will to Power, their third full length outing.

All this, of course, is good. But unfortunately so much of WtP is just too workmanlike and well, uninspired, that you just find yourself letting your mind wander as the album goes through it’s paces on your stereo. 

You see, the best traditional heavy metal has to have great songs to work. Even a song like Screaming for Vengeance (I mention this track because LV obviously have a big liking for classic-era Judas Priest) has a chorus you can scream along to; On Will to Power the memorable hooks are often guitar ones rather than vocal, and for much of the time you’re left politely drumming your fingers on the arm of your chair when you are clearly wishing you were stood, foot planted on that same piece of furniture, banging your head furiously.

Third track The Pugilist is rather catchy it has to be said, bringing to mind HammerFall in anthemic mood, whilst The Great Blinding motors along and features some great guitar work from the dual axes of Leon Hermans and Paul Marcelis. Omerta, despite a rather repetitive chorus has its moments too,  but overall, as 2014 winds through to its conclusion I’m bound to say there have been quite a few releases in this field unleashed this year that are more worthy of your attention than Will to Power, however sincere and hard working Lord Volture obviously are. Buy only if you are a Euro metal completist!