Miracle Master - Tattooed Woman (GoldenCore Records/ZYX Music)

Tattooed treats...
Release Date: 
7 Mar 2014 (All day)

German MELODIANS Miracle Master sure as hell pack a lot of class into their debut album, Tattooed Woman – maybe a little too much class, I’m thinkin’ – and I’ll expand on that thought a lil’ bit later.

But for now, let’s just enjoy the CLASSY  hard rock on offer. Miracle Master are German, as I said, and they’s a peddlin’ a glorious middle European kinda hard rock in the same sort of vein as Swiss cheese meisters Gotthard with this here disc. It’s good stuff, built around the classic gravelly delivery of vocalist Oliver Weers and featuring some neat an’natty guitar assault courtesy of Marcel ‘Sally’ Bernhardt and Axel ‘Aki’ Reissmann. These two guys have got a real thing goin’ on together here – check out their mad skillz on the Skid Row-lite stompfest that is the title track, which also features some nicely relentless tub thumpin’ from drummer Andreas Minich.

Or what about the EXCELLENT Will to Survive, which marries an LA strut to something a little more down an’ dirty with predictably explosive results? The band (most of whom were together in another act called Pump, who have three albums under their belt which probably explains the extreme tightness on show here) are all master craftsmen, but sometimes they are just a little too precise for my liking. This kinda music thrives on a bit o’grease under the nails, a bit of sweat running off the brow, and too often Tattooed Woman (crazy title, by the way – I loves it!) is just a bit polite for its own good. Like I said in my opening remarks – it’s maybe just a little classier than it needs to be!

Take the grungy Why Religion f'’rinstance. Built on a depressive, Alicesque (that’s the one in Chains, not the one on a bed of nails, natch) riff and a whiff – just a whiff, mind, of the StonesGimme Shelter on the chorus, the song could be a STOMPER, but it glitters when it need to bleed, if you see what I mean.

Still, for all my whinin’ and whimperin’ this album is still pretty much a WINNER in my book. Great songs, magnificent singing, fly guitar work… my,  it’s what my old earz were surely built for an’ I’m gonna enjoy this album a lot more over the next few weeks and months!