Miserable Failure – Hope (Kaotoxin Records)

The soundtrack to belligerant antagonism.
Release Date: 
28 Feb 2014 (All day)

Within 30 seconds of hitting the play button, Miserable Failure’s Hope EP immediately reminded me of some of the best moments of Agoraphobic Nosebleed: a band that was absolutely seminal in propelling me (and many others, I daresay) towards an out-and-out obsession with grind. This comparison alone should impel anyone with even a passing interest in the genre to bounce up and down at blastbeat speed with excitement. 

Miserable Failure present the same insane, unstoppable forward momentum, that peculiar sense of fullnes — the awareness that so much is happening musically that the music demands complete, rapt attention — backed up with punchy, crunchy production and a barely relenting breakneck pace executed with aggressive precision. With track names such as The Blueprints of Self-Disgust and One More Reason To Set This World On Fire, this is the ultimate cathartic soundtrack to belligerant antagonism. 

Miserable Failure are, oddly enough, French, and are still at a relatively early point in their development, which excites me even more. To be honest, the only criticism I have of this EP is that, at 4 minutes in total, it leaves the listener wanting more.

Hope is available as a free download (from http://listen.kaotoxin.com/album/hope), so there’s absolutely no excuse for not checking this out.