Nechbeyth - Coerce Creed (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Madness, utter madness...
Release Date: 
13 Jan 2014 - 12:30am

There is no place to hide and no escape from the utter insanity of Nechbeyth's sonic onlaught. It's extreme death/black metal with not even a split second of respite, aside from the false advertising of first track Intro + KMST Oath, which tricked me into thinking I was about to listen to some German arty-farty concept album. After a brief section of (almost) angelic keyboards and vocal, I was swiftly disavowed of any ideas of mellow ambient compositions - suffice to say I think I need a face transplant after listening to this EP.

These crazy Singaporeans do not let up at any point, combining layers and layers and walls and walls of guitars (whoever suggests there are too many guitars on here should shut up immediately) with drums that are being beaten so fast, I imagine that Narsamvm (whose work is defined as being of the order of 'Artillery Blasts & Horns ov the Apocalypse') has probably set fire to many pairs of drumsticks (not the ice-cream cone) due to the ridiculous levels of friction being generated. There are pick scratchings (perhaps even pork scratchings) that whine out of the speakers at you, along with vocals that alternate (and often combine) growls, shrieks and screams of a highly disturbing nature. The overall effect is like being lashed with barbed wire. Indeed, there were moments when I'm sure I heard the influence of hard-core punk among the blistering wreckage. Surely that was a hallucination brought about by the sonic attack that I was under? I had to go and sit in a dark corner for some time after reviewing this one...

Not so much an EP, more like 5 tracks of depravity. This one should make you question the limits and possibilities of metal. Is there nothing that we cannot do?

Extreme? Oh yes. Sexy-time? Double yes.