Nitrogods - Rats and Rumours (Steamhammer/SPV)

You could do a lot worse than having this gem in your collection!
Release Date: 
20 Oct 2014 (All day)
If you like your hard rock delivered from the balls then you need this album in your life! If you like a good time and a sing-a-long with mates then you could do a lot worse than getting this slab of fun! Get it now! Go to your local record store and demand they order it in for you, ‘cause this is an album worth shelling out hard earned (or even illicitly gained) coin on.
Nitrogods' Rats and Rumours is a get your mates over, enjoy a dozen beers and party like lunatics kinda album. And it’s not that sanitised Kid Rock/Andrew G kinda party; those blokes wouldn’t be able to keep up with the guys from Nitrogods. Oimel Larcher (Bass, vocals), Henny Wolter (guitar) and Klaus Spreling (drums) are here to show you what hard liquor loving fun is all about – grab a stein, a JD or a Jaeger and join in! It’s exactly what this album was written for.
These lads like a drink, and then they like to write songs, and then they like to have another drink and then…write another song, and then maybe indulge in a little sumin sumin, then another drink and then… well you get the gist. And fuck does it work for them.
There are obvious comparisons between Motorhead and these German blokes, but let’s put those aside, while their blueprint may seem unashamedly Lemmy inspired, it goes deeper than that. You put this on and you know they’re Motorhead fans, but I’m positive they’re as much fans of what inspired Lemmy to pick himself up after the fiasco (blessing) of the end of his time in Hawkwind and the start of his next project.
In saying that, Nitrogods do throw in a fair few doosras (or curve balls for our stateside friends) during Rats and Rumours, enough to keep you on your toes. And in truth that is one of the things that makes this album such a stompingly good time. As soon as you start thinking these blokes are a one trick pony they change it up.
There are moments where they’re as much a rocka(psycho)billy outfit as bangers  (Headcat anyone?), there’s moments where they’re delivering ferocious punk/speed metal, there’s the odd Celtic riff that rears its head, in fact, for a moment there I thought I was hearing Moore and Lynott delivering Out In The Fields on Back Home (love the duelling bass and guitar before the solo)!
Rats and Rumours and Got Pride open the album and they’re a straight up ferocious Motorhead aural assault (although the end of the opener gives a solid nod to Judas Priest), and it’s a quick 1, 2 jab Nitrogods deliver to get you in the mood. Got Pride, in particular, will smack you in the mouth, knock ya down and then pick you straight back up again to do it all over.
Automobile is straight up surf psychobilly, or at least that’s what you they want you to think before it rips in with the double kick, this song is about how the band like driving cars, and probably running down pedestrians if the ferocity of this beast is anything to go by! We’re back on the Motorhead wagon with Damn Right (They Call It Rock ’N Roll) and while it is a great tune, you would swear it is a Motorhead cover and is probably the most Motorhead sounding song on the album (something that will cause much pub debate).
Nothing but Trouble is a nod of appreciation to Rose Tattoo with its bluesy slide…and being a fan of the Tats, and an Aussie to boot, I’m proud to see that respect from these German dudes. I’m guessing that Henny or Klaus is singing on this tune as it sounds nothing like Larcher’s normal vocal delivery, but I could be wrong (and have been proven to be so on more occasions that I care to recall).
There is no filler on this so I’m not going to keep going through each song on the album (for fear of feeling the editorial hammer for being too wordy if nothing else) but suffice it to say Rats and Rumours is head noddingly good fun. Personally, I’m a fan, I really enjoyed Nitrogod’s last album (and those that have enjoyed a beer with me on my back deck will attest to that fact!) and I think they may have even topped that effort with this one.
Fuck this. Time to pour another bourbon and stomp about the house and annoy the neighbours with some good time rock! If you like rock n' roll, metal, blues or rockabilly you will love this album.