Norse - Pest (Loose Change Records)

Angular blackened metal...
Release Date: 
5 Jun 2014 - 11:30pm

Australia's Norse come at you with their EP Pest like a shower of metal objects; Encoded Weakness kicks off proceedings with all the sharpness of a shower of kitchen knives. The band are labelled as blackened death metal but regardless of genres (which apparently the band are not interested in) Pest is heavy, chock full of blasting drums and gloriously thick bass. ADR as vocalist and bassist lays down the four string, all the while screaming and gasping over a back drop of meaty yet strangely disjointed tunes.

The EP is composed of six tracks and runs for about half an hour, and whenever I play it, Pest seems to whip by in the blink of an eye; Disarmed, Toothless, Weak howls out of the speakers with the bass poking through like a bone through flesh - a mad bit of blasting and some inhuman riff (again, accompanied by ADR's mentalist vocal stylings) courtesy of Forge (drums and guitars) leaves you worn out from the confrontation. It's not an easy listening piece of work, I tell you. It's angular, man; angular...

Title track Pest gives more of the same (experimental?) blackened death metal but with some almost doom elements thrown in. Sonically, there's so much going on with this album. It may well frighten you terribly. The sharp black metal elements are set against meaty guitars and whining feedback and the outro leads into the bass driven Irradiator. Then the drums come in and kick the coffee table over while a serpentine piece of guitar snakes about the place and scares the guests. I'd love to see these boys in a live setting. True Insignificance comes after that little piece of insanity and continues the good work; I'm almost hypnotised by the continuous hum and unstoppable drums. There's something strangely compelling about Pest yet I'm also aware that this won't be for everyone. Aimless finishes the album as Encoded Weakness starts it; those mad, angular riffs and fat bass notes jump from the speakers and cut you up. Pretty damn sweet.

You can get a slice of this at Norse's bandcamp page: