Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen (Metal Blade)

Grab your kilts and longswords and prepare for a taste of Celtic Pride.
Release Date: 
25 Nov 2014 (All day)

Having just a modest 332 entries in the Metal Archives database compared to over 4,000 entries listed in the rest of the United Kingdom, each entry representing bands past and present, Ireland is not a country that comes to mind when considering places where heavy metal is plentiful. Yet, in place of quantity of bands, Ireland excels in the quality of the few it has, and Dublin's own Primordial is no exception. Crossing black metal riffs worthy of a nod from Immortal and Dissection with powerful vocals and lyrics of Celtic pride, the Emerald Isle's finest have returned with another incredible offering with their latest release, Where Greater Men Have Fallen.

Following the seven impressive albums that preceded it, Where Greater Men Have Fallen is a nearly hour long journey through Irish history and heritage. Songs such as The Seed of Tyrants and the album's title track paint pictures of epic battles and honour that lasts throughout the ages. Other tracks such as Ghosts of the Charnel House and The Alchemist's Head touch on mystical subjects such as life, death, and magic. The latter of these songs even takes on an Opeth like vibe and witnesses vocalist Alan Averill forsake his normally soothing voice for a cold, otherworldly rasp.

As a song that could have served as the background music for a Celtic funeral, Wield Lightning to Split the Sun closes the album with a strong finish. Guitarists Ciaran MacUiliam and Michael O'Floinn layer delicate acoustic guitars under sombre lead guitar lines while bassist Paul MacAmlaigh and drummer Simon O'Laoghaire follow with a steady rhythm seemingly borrowed from the book of Paradise Lost. Whether from the perspective of a wounded warrior burying an old comrade, or the wife of a brave hero waiting for her love to come home from his adventures, even if he never does, Wield Lighting...stands as perhaps one of the greatest closing tracks of 2014.

Primordial is currently scheduled to perform in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Russia in February, 2015, and have a few European dates in the works for the summer. Hopefully it won't be long before the might of Where Greater Men Have Fallen is brought overseas to fans worldwide.