Sacrocurse- Unholier Master (Iron Bonehead)

An album of unrelenting South American ferocity.
Release Date: 
27 Jun 2014 (All day)

Now this album certainly is a wee feral beastie.

Sacrocurse formed in late 2012 with a variety of members all across the globe hailing from places as far away as Turkey and Mexico. This line-up of the band released a demo Sulphur Blessing in July of last year and the tape gained quite a bit of traction in the underground for its bestial black/death assault. Now, founding member ZK has revamped the line up, taking up vocal duties and assigning a drummer known as LZ to be his partner in crime. It’s this pair of musicians that have released Sacrocurse’s debut album Unholier Master.

Sacrocurse doesn’t give much to the listener by way of introductions; opening track Sepulchral Desolation offers up a mere 10 seconds of grim atmospherics as a curt handshake before it then proceeds to spend the next three and a half minutes savagely beating you over the head and kicking your ribs in with steel capped boots. The first track then invites his nine other mates over to let them give you each a beating of their own, and over the next 30 odd minutes, you’re given barely enough time to spit out your broken teeth. The whole affair is short, sharp and unrelentingly nasty.

There is a very prominent South American influence to Sacrocurse’s black/death assault, the chaotic looseness in the way the band plays calls to mind albums like I.N.R.I. and Bestial Devastation as well as the destructive arts mastered by Impiety and Altars of Madness era Morbid Angel. However, I only use those bands as a framework for what the band sounds like, as Unholier Master somehow seems to sound so much nastier than anything any of those bands have ever done. The reason for this might have to do with the tone of the album; there’s a murkiness to the guitars that makes it sound as if Sacrocurse has taken those old-school influences and filtered them through the unearthly spectrum created by bands like Portal and Impetuous Ritual.

This is an album made for people that always wanted I.N.R.I. to sound heavier; it’s not going to give you any surprises but it’s guaranteed to satisfy those with a need for extreme violence.