Septicflesh - Titan (Season of Mist)

To name a favourite track is about as difficult as naming a favourite child...
Release Date: 
24 Jun 2014 (All day)

To listen to this album is the highest form of self indulgence. Your eyes will roll, your palms will sweat like that of a willing virgin. You salivate at the opulence that is Titan. It moves as you move, like a fine liquid. It will run through your veins like a drug. Titan is a fable, delicately polished by the assistance of the Prague Philharmonic whose rich tones compliment this deathly romantic and morbid opus.

Titan is versatile and to name a favourite track is about as difficult as naming a favourite child. But let's try shall we. Order of Dracul introduces an Eastern European flavour and spine tingling brass horns that give it its hieratic feel. Prototype is simply divine. A striking mix of orchestral sensation, dramatic tones and the richness of Spiros "Seth" Antoniou vocals that truly penetrate the skin. It blends like honey, control is imminent; it is organised, completely pulsing with ecstasy and reaches the summit with the inclusion of the choir. Diving into deep chugging guitars and anthemic drums, Prototype will have the forces of darkness corrupt you. It is demonstrated with Prometheus just how textured Titan is; with vast layers of accents and strengths; within this album it is the subtle delicacies that add to this tapestry and it does not go unnoticed. Confessions of a Serial Killer is perhaps Septic's most ambitious piece throughout Titan. Although there is a lot of space between the absolute pandemonium of brutality; to arrange the complexities involved in this song (from menacing to elegant) is truly overwhelming and remarkable. The title track, Titan, is chaotic and entrancing, you are pulled towards it willing or not. Precision drumming, swarming violins, it summons the beast in your belly with its theatrical intensity, sharp pitch and above all its class. They truly are the last immortals - Titan is triumphant as the one true champion of symphonic death and it rides valiantly.

Titan has stood out to me as the symphonic death album of the decade. I have been waiting for this album my whole life. It is fire, it is death, it is the mountain, it is magnetic, and an album many will fail trying to best.