Six String Slaughter - Born Unspoiled (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Excellent melodic death/thrash...
Release Date: 
18 Aug 2014 - 11:30pm

While Six String Slaughter may sound like a glam rock band, they most certainly are not. These fellows crank out a delightful blend of death/melodic thrash that doesn't have any 'twinkly' warm acoustics or soulful sighing. In fact, this stuff is pretty much straight down the line death with some thrashy and grind touches; sure, you can hear the melody but it doesn't soften the music in any way. I like it a lot.

I'm particularly enamoured with the drumming on Born Unspoiled - it's not just out and out battering (though there is plenty of that too) - there are lots of lovely fills and blasts courtesy of Nicholas Mascholn while Daniel Wilkens growls and forces out his guttural vocals in perfect synch with Soren Jensen's guitar and bass lines. None of the songs overstay their welcome and tracks like Nothing But Death In The End show off some sweet melody against simple (yet effective & endearing) chord work. Again, the drums are fucking nuts.

I Am Not At War shows that Six String Slaughter cite thrash & death elements more than the melodic and it's a fine level of heaviness to be found here. Maybe that's why I'm really getting into this; the melody doesn't overwhelm the thrashier stuff. Careless sees Konkhra's Anders Lundemark making a guest appearance while the cover of Brutal Truth's Birth of Ignorance finishes the album in fine style. Born Unspoiled flies by without any hitches. Nice.