Special Duries - 77 One More Time Volume One (Jailhouse Records)

This vintage street punk reissue will bring back some happy memories to the cider-addled brains of old punx worldwide...
Release Date: 
11 Aug 2014 - 11:30pm

Colchester street punks Special Duties never really made the impact they should have done back in 1982 when the bulk of the material featured in this reissue was originally released; Of course bands like them were ten a penny at the time – every large city had one of their own, and the generic nature of much of the material they all churned out meant it was hard to be heard above all the shouting and snarling, even if you were quite good.

Special Duties, as it goes, were quite good, putting together a tasty mix of existing sounds like Charged GBH and The Subhumans and their own twist. Listening to the album in 2014 it’s a refreshing blast of stale air – simplistic yet effective riffage, meat and potatoes drumming (it’s nice to hear ‘fast’ music not swamped with double kick drums occasionally!) and catchy choruses really are all you need to make an impact, and 77… delivers all of these and then some, brought to life by a fantastic remastering effort that leaves in all the original rage whilst adding just enough sonic sheen to make listening to this with new (ie modern) ears a very pleasurable experience.

There’s a volume 2 scheduled to be released next year. But for now I’m happy just to be going along with volume one. Nice work, Essex blokes, and nice work Jailhouse Records for making this stuff widely available!