Stallion - Rise and Ride (High Roller Records)

Young Germans head out on the first step of a hopefully succesful career...
Release Date: 
12 Sep 2014 (All day)

Young German act Stallion have only been going a short while – not much more than a year by my reckoning – but in that time they’ve released a demo, and EP and now this debut full-length effort, Rise and Ride. That’s an impressive work rate, but I guess you’d expect nothing less as, if I was asked to use just one word to describe Stallion it would be… workmanlike.

There’s nothing actively wrong with this album, in fact at times it’s very actively right, especially on tracks such as Canadian Steele where the band really takes flight and hammers out their brand of Teutonic speed with abandon and ebullient skill, or the end section of the otherwise mundane Bill to Pay, which features some truly great guitar work, but for the most part what they churn out – a competent agglomeration of speed, thrash and straight up metal – is just too ordinary to get too worked up over.  If you can’t ever get enough of well played but essentially faceless trad metal this may well be something you’d like in your collection... 

...However for those of us with slightly fussier inclinations, it’s a different story. As I said, Stallion are still young, so there’s plenty to be positive about here – Rise and Ride could well be the launch pad for quite something if the band get a few breaks – but for the moment the chucklesome likes of Wild Stallions (which doesn’t sadly feature Bill, or indeed Ted for that matter) are evidence of a band still sorting themselves out and getting on the right track. They’ve definitely got talent – and a tour this (Northern) Autumn with German hard rock stalwarts Bullet should definitely bolster their experience and confidence – so Stallion might well be a name to watch for over the next few years. But for now? Not so much.