Studfaust - Where the Underdogs Bark (Soulseller Records)

We want more!
Release Date: 
14 Aug 2014 - 11:30pm

This band rocks. 

There, I’ve said it. And really there’s little or nothing I can add to that that will embellish that single, shining fact. Norwegians Studfaust run the gamut of metal n’rioll, from lumbering, grinding attack that brings to mind Entombed (The Devil of Mine), through Motörhead (every damn track on this album carries whiffs of Lemmy and co, particularly the drumming of Faust who manages to invoke the spirit of the Filthy Animal Phil Taylor every time he picks up a pair of sticks) finishing with what sounds like a speed-addled Cheap Trick outtake (the very brilliant 1980’s Ladies).

In between these highlights you get layer upon layer of greasy, malfeasant rock n’roll that’s heavy with the whiff of whiskey and top fuel gasoline, delivered with an infectious dedication to the cause that few bands doing this stuff (and there seem to be more and more of them these days) can muster.

My only complaint – it’s a big one, mind – is that it’s all over two quickly. Eight tracks clocking in at twenty and a bit minutes is going to satisfy no one, so, Mr Faust, and your cohorts Pete Evil and Tore Bratseth, please get back in the studio sharpish and come up with some more of this delicious noise – much more!