Take Over And Destroy - Vacant Face (Comfort Point)

Doomy Occult Rock Delights...
Release Date: 
17 Aug 2014 - 11:30pm

I'm not sure exactly what constitutes the label 'occult rock' - perhaps the fact that there's a prominent organ in the music? But anyway, that's one of the tags that Take Over And Destroy get labelled with; that, and psychedelic (again, perhaps because of the organ?), doom, post-punk  and a bunch of other relatively meaningless definitions. What you do need to know is that their album Vacant Face is a delight.

All six members give it everything they've got, particularly Pete Porter and his up-front organ (No, he's not a Viz character). Vacant Face kind of reminds me a bit of Faith No More because of all the fat chords and keyboards flying about but there's something else here, a kind of gothy darkness that conjures Bauhaus and some of the better 80's synth bands. Glance Away perfectly shows off the heavy guitars that are framed by the powerful organs (you could look at it conversely too with the keyboards being framed by the guitars; the decision is entirely yours). Split Screen has some bells thrown in for extra spookiness and more 'occult' vibes. At one point I did feel that Andrew Leemont AKA Chthon was a bit samey with his gruff vocals but further listens show that he does mix it up with some Pete Murphy inspired delivery. It's a tad lazy of me to compare TOAD primarily with Bauhaus but lately I've been kept awake at night by cavorting possums on the tin roof of the nursing home so laziness suits me just fine at the moment.

This is an excellent piece of work and shows TOAD moving away from Endless Nights (2013) into new musical territories. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's certainly my kind of thing/thang - my only gripe is that closer Where Seasons Lay is too bloody short for such a beautiful composition - it should have gone on for way longer than it did.