Thomas Giles - Modern Noise (Metal Blade)

A trip through the colorful imagination of Tommy G. Rogers
Release Date: 
25 Nov 2014 (All day)

Recent discussions in music publications show that there is a strong belief that alternative rock is dead. While bands such as Radiohead and Oasis may no longer dominate radio like they did in years past, such a suggestion that alt-rock is no more seems a bit exaggerated; if anything, the genre is simply rebuilding. In addition to new artists like St. Vincent, world renowned Between the Buried and Me vocalist Tommy Rogers has stepped forth to help in the next generation of alt-rock with Modern Noise, the second album from his solo project simply known as Thomas Giles.

Though not his first rodeo as a solo artist, Modern Noise takes a step back from the over the top electronica sound of Roger's past solo releases and instead focuses on quality post-rock material. It should be stated that the album is nothing like BTBAM and should not be assumed as such. Rather, it is a collection of a dozen stellar songs that honor the long history of alt-rock, and lay the foundation for what is sure to be the next chapter of the genre.

Performing nearly all instruments himself, Rogers draws influence from heavier Smashing Pumpkins worthy riffs in Siphon the Bad Blood and M3, and smooth solos comparable to Carlos Santana in I Appear Disappear. Rogers also switches gears to something more like a work of Beck with the futuristic track We Wander Lonely. Calling on former bandmate Will Goodyear, who appeared on BTBAM's self-titled debut album, to perform all drums and percussion gives the album a new dimension to the album through Goodyear's varied delivery of rhythm.

Perhaps a bit too eclectic at times, Modern Noise demonstrates Rogers' exceptional ability to think outside the box and create solid tunes outside his normal realm of music and is a great example of new school post-rock and alt-rock. If nothing else, the album is a testament to the creative and imaginative mind of one of prog-rock's most admired frontmen.