The Treatment - Running with the Dogs (Spinefarm/Caroline Australia)

Running with the Dogs has its highs, but I had hoped for a stronger dose of The Treatment
Release Date: 
1 Sep 2014 (All day)

The Treatment bleed rock n roll, in fact they guarantee you know it by telling you in song! But is the blood gushing? Is it pumping out in great gouts? Or is it more of a gentle drip? On the strength of Running with the Dogs, I’d say it’s more of a solid steady flow than a haemorrhage.

I’ve got to say I’m a fan of the Treatment, their first album, This Might Hurt, impressed me enough to outlay cold hard on it. They’re a great, honest hard working heavy rock n roll band, one that I’ve been hoping to sink a dozen beers to and rock out with on an Australian tour (and cheers for their inclusion on SW15 AJ). They aren’t breaking any new ground, and they’re not trying to, this is the kind of stuff you want to listen to and get wasted with. It’s summer BBQ, beers n snags kinda gear.

But Running with the Dogs isn’t the album that will carry The Treatment to the top of the hard rock pile. It’s a good album, and the more you listen to it the more you like it (or most of it), but you’re not going to find anything on here that will be remembered as a classic. I’m not taking anything away from their ability to rawk, I think the blokes from The Treatment have it in them to do a corker (and This Might Hurt was a damn fine start). But, on Running with the Dogs, it just seems like they’ve kept something in reserve.

I think The Treatment may have sold themselves short with Running with the Dogs in over thinking things. The songs are certainly more thoughtful and structured than on their debut, but in being so they seem to have lost some of the spit and venom that makes these bar room brawler kind of bands so special.

It’s like that moment GnR went from being Destructive to just being all smoke, mirrors and Illusion – it just doesn’t quite live up to the promise and expectation generated from young blokes living hard and sweating it out in a rehearsal room night after night*. It kinda suffers from that typical sophomore album malaise for mine. Where it sounds like someone at the label, or in management, has had too much of an influence on proceedings. Or maybe it’s just the production this time around, but it lost a bit of the bile that I enjoyed on their first foray. It sounds like the boys should just sink more JD and worry less about trying to write hits! That always makes for a better recipe for drunk n roll!

I’m confident they will be balls out in your face live at Soundwave 2015, and I can’t wait to see them there, but this album falls a little flat for me in places...but at the least do yourself a favour and check them out at SW, they'll be on early and a good way to start your day. They’re sure to surprise a few people.

*I’m not suggesting This Might Hurt is the classic that Appetite for Destruction is, but it is a fine modern day hard rock album!