We the Machine - Dissenter (Own Label)

Not bad at all...
Release Date: 
31 Dec 2013 - 11:30pm

This originally came out sometime in the middle of last year but I have it on good authority (well at least from the mouth of a PR person, which really does constitute ‘good authority’ round these parts) that it’s being rereleased somewhere this month and, as we missed out on reviewing Dissenter first time round, why the hell shouldn’t we have a poke about in its innards this time?

As it goes this seven track EP is a perfectly formed little slice of post-hardcore, or whatever the young people are calling it these days; If you like the excellent We Came As Romans then there’s every chance you’ll find a lot of Dissenter appealing. The trouble is, the best track here is a metalized version of pop songstrel Demi Lovato’s Give Your Heart A Break which, it has to be said, towers head and shoulders over everything else here and proves that a great song is still a great song however it might be delivered - but it's never a good sign when the cover version trashes the original material on a release, right? 

That said, the likes of Hold the Line and IV are enjoyable enough in their own right, and certainly point to a bright future for We The Machine if they can find just a tad more personality to inject into their own material. Don’t be surprised if they turn up on next year’s Australian version of the Vans tour – and don’t miss out on seeing them if they do.