Winterfylleth- The Divination of Antiquity (Candlelight)

Winterfylleth conjure up ancient Albion with stunning results.
Release Date: 
6 Oct 2014 (All day)

Some albums can be real tough nuts to crack. The quality material is there, you know it is, but much like an ultraviolet spectrum, you just can’t see it. You almost need to access a totally different realm to be able to grasp it. Well, after many repeated spins and hours spent in darkened rooms trying to will my spirit to the misty moors of ancient England, I think I’m just about ready to start writing about the new Winterfylleth album.

Winterfylleth is definitely a band that requires your undivided attention to appreciate. Springing up 7 years ago, they’ve managed to become one of the most respectable names in 21st century black metal and they’ve done it under their own steam. There’s no hype-machine pushing them along, because there’s nothing for the trendsters to cling onto. There’s no overtly pious Satanism or corpse-paint to get the kids on board, and neither are there an uber-trendy shoegaze elements to get the pill-popping hipster types to care about something for 5 minutes. No, any acclaim that comes Winterfylleth’s way is due to the simple fact that the music is good.

What makes the band’s music so exciting is their ability to push the limits of orthodox black metal without needing to have another word tacked onto their genre-description. Sure, there are liberal elements of post-rock incorporated into the mix, but Winterfylleth always uses it as a means to colour their blackened-palette, rather than overwhelm it. Take second track Whisper of the Elements, it swirls with serene and melodious elements, but there is always the chaos of black metal lying just underneath the surface.

At about an hour long, the album certainly gives the listener a lot to take in. Winterfylleth really tries to take you on a journey and ensures there are plenty of twists and turns along the way. Emotionally compelling and intensely satisfying, it feels like Winterfylleth have gone above and beyond with this new material. While all of the tracks stand strong on their own, The Divination of Antiquity works best when listened to as one whole album, as it is then that the ancient secrets Winterfylleth weave can slowly unveil themselves to you. When that moment comes, it is truly glorious.