Zoldier Noiz - Regression Process (Unspeakable Axe Records)

French filth, and fury...
Release Date: 
26 May 2014 - 11:30pm

All hail the new kings of OMNITHRASH! Yep, sitting in the darkened recesses of my South London abode listening to this album from French crust cretins Zoldier Noiz, I’ve been inspired to coin a new term, in the (regression) process spawning a whole new musical genre – Omnithrash.

But what is it, this ‘omnithrash’, I hear you wearisomely enquiring. Well, it’s the only adequate way to describe what this trio of thrash throwbacks from France are doing with their battered and bleeding instruments. Omni-means all – those of you with classical educations will already have sensed where I’m going with this – and what Zoldier Noiz do is fuse quite literally every aspect of thrash, heavy metal and punk (taking in hardcore and grind along the way just to make sure they haven’t left anything out) in order to create a most gratifyingly catholic cacophony indeed.

It’s an all-encompassing MO and, it has to be said, the resultant mass of furious thrash is all-conquering. Being a three piece operating in this theatre the band will obviously invite comparison to Motorhead and, whilst the likes of Thirty Nine Forty Five do carry a faint whiff of Kilminster-approved, war-obsessed mayhem about them, the overall sense you get here is like listening to the obliterative d-beat mayhem of bands like Disgust mixed in with latter day Exploited and Brit OI-legends The Blood (without the sense of humour, obviously – these blokes are French remember). 

If you love the street metal smarts of Warfare or anything to do with Algy Ward, you’ll absolutely love the bollocks off this album – and you’d be right to, too. But if you like your thrash with a touch of surgicality to it, with the crusted filth removed and replaced by airbrushed attractiveness, this remains best avoided.