4ARM - Survivalist (Own Label)

Get in the pit...
Release Date: 
19 Apr 2015 - 11:30pm

Remember when Metallica were pure and holy? No? I don't blame you; it was such a long, long time ago. Luckily Australia's 4ARM have come to the resuce of all lovers of old school thrash with Survivalist - it's pure and it's holy thrash from the good ol' days - and their love of the style is so apparent and honest that you can't help clutching the album to your heart and weeping with joy.

Eyes of the Slain kicks off with a regal intro and Markus Johansson busts out a vocal that's more Hetfield than Monsieur James could pull off himself. Just let those slow chunky riffs wash over you as they take you back, back, back in time. Marvellous. The guitar work on here is second to none, indeed everyone pulls out all of the stops to bring you some genius tunes. The drumming (care of Michael Vafiotos) is incredible, especially on Poisioned Mind - and when the solos drop, you'll be rushing out to cut the arms off of your favourite jean jacket. Ah! It takes me back to a time which I can't quite remember...warm feels all round, I say. Andy Hinterreiter's bass gets a good outing too at many point on here. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy...

The drum patterns on Ignitor are incredible and I'm pretty sure that newcomer Evan K (lead guitar) will have a fat time busting out these tunes when the band tours the album. I can't praise the quality of this enough and it's definitely going on my list of top 2015 Australian albums. There are only eight tracks on here too so you won't get 'album fatigue' with Survivalist, and that's always a boon for weary metal-heads with short attention spans. One last thing; final track Survivalist will short-circuit your brain, such is its magnificence. Thrash for thrash lovers. Pure and simple.