Abominator- Evil Proclaimed (Hells Headbangers)

War metal. War metal never changes...

Simply by virtue of the limited audience and reach available to them, most Australian metal bands can be considered to be underground bands. Which is a real shame, because there are a bunch of bands such as Troldhaugen and Harlott that should be much bigger than they are. But then you get a different breed of metal band that is not so much in the underground than of the underground. It is from this grimy sewer where the Australian kvlt was first born and has spawned the likes of Destroyer 666 and Sadistik Exekution. I don’t think I’m being controversial when I say that the Australian underground has produced some of the finest filth to defile the ears of listeners the world over. One such member of this elite group is Abominator.

Having existed since 1994, Abominator is one of those acts that follow the no-frills, no-compromises barbaric brutality edict of the underground to the letter. Call it war metal, blackened death, whatever, what you’re going to get is a reliable delivery of blast beasts, buzz-saw riffs and black-bile vocals and not much else. This is the bread and butter of Hells Headbangers (them again) and I seem to find myself indulging in quite a bit of it this year. Much like my last review for Perdition Temple, if you’re looking for variety or innovation, I would recommend you look elsewhere. However, unlike Perdition Temple, I feel compelled to put this album on repeat. Perhaps it’s just patriotic bias, but I find songs like Black Mass Warfare and The Devil’s Pandemonium addicting. There’s also the fact that aesthetically and sonically, Evil Proclaimed is nearly identical to the album released by Archgoat earlier this year, which has been one of my favourites of 2015 so far. While I think that the Archgoat record holds together stronger as a whole, Abominator isn’t lagging too far behind the competition.

At a terse 39 minutes long, Abominator knows just how long to keep up the assault before the listener succumbs to shell shock. If you only had the time, patience and cash to listen to one bestial black/death album this year, I would get out a coin and toss-up between Archgoat and Abominator. You’re gonna get a steaming hot pile of filth either way.

Evil Proclaimed is out now.