Acid King – Middle Of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere (Svart Records)

Take a trip with Acid King to the Middle Of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere
Release Date: 
17 Apr 2015 - 12:00pm

Middle Of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere is Acid King’s fourth album and the first in ten years for these masters of space acid prog metal. And those ten years have been years well spent, at least musically, with the band playing exceeding well, toying with several moods and painting textures of spaced out fuzz throughout the course of the album. MONCOE is as cohesive an album as I’ve heard in some time, 6 songs bookended by an instrumental Intro and Outro

The six songs that make up the body of Middle Of Nowhere…  evoke pictures of big open skies, endless journeys, pain, loneliness, curiosity and reflection and an inky infinite darkness dotted with dancing celestial dervishes whirling through the cosmic junk. It’s an album to suit those with a penchant for gazing outward while the proverbial third eye looks critically inward…those types will revel in the jams delivered by Acid King on here. 

Acid King do what they do very well, they’re a band that is at its best in a darkened room with good speakers or headphones. This isn't an album to listen to on the commute, it’s one to spend some time with, the more time and effort you invest in the experience, the better it will be for you. The band has done the hard part, they've beautifully constructed this journey so it's now up to you, and the greater effort you make the more enjoyment you will wring out of the experience. 

Clocking in at over 50 minutes MONCOE isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s an album to think about, one of those that demands that you to fall into it to truly appreciate the living thing that resides within. 

I recommend you settle in comfortably, relax and prepare yourself to get up close and intimate with Acid King as they reflect on the Middle Of Nowhere, Centre Of Everywhere

(and I got through that without a mention of Hawkwind…bully for me…whoops)