Bite The Bullet - Wheels (Target Records)

Wheels is the second album from Copenhagen based Bite The Bullet.
Release Date: 
23 Feb 2015 - 12:00pm

I really struggled to review this (much to the vexation of Ed) because I couldn’t find much on here that interested me, so I didn’t want to go back for repeat listens. Sure they’re competent musos and Christian Norup locks into a nice groove throughout much of the album but in the end I think it’s just all a little ‘safe’ for the majority of Metal as Fuck readers.

You won’t find many chords struck in anger on Bite The Bullet's sophomore release and nary a distorted guitar. The presser claims you’ll find psychedelica and fuzz throughout but those parts are pretty few and far between, or they have a different definition of each than I do as I was expecting to hear a thick, dense sound not the light and airy tunes mostly on offer throughout Wheels (In saying that, I tend to associate fuzz with stoner bands and psychedelica with bands like Hawkwind).

No self-respecting traditional denim clad headbanger would have this in their collection, however if you have a more eclectic taste and enjoy the musings of current day U2 or things like Kings of Leon and The Killers then this will probably tick some boxes for you.

One of the highlights of the album for mine is Go For A Ride with its Doors inspired keyboards, and lead singer Thomas Storgaard Christiansen sounding a little like David Byrne. You Will Be Mine, the closing track on the album has a Dave Gilmour-like guitar tone with lush atmospheric keyboards beneath, which kinda reminds me of Signs Of Life off of A Momentary Lapse of Reason. In fact maybe that’s where the psychedlia and fuzz references come in, the bits and pieces scattered throughout Wheels that have a passing resemblance to the sounds of The Doors and Pink Floyd. What Am I Doing Here rocks along nicely and Evil Is Here and I’ve Been Down have the closest resemblance to what I think a headbangers idea of a fuzz is all about.

These blokes could be the darlings of NME or JJJ but just aren’t doing enough to get the interest of this horn (\m/) raiser. I feel they would probably be a much different proposition live (suggesting the production may have wrung some of the life out of this) as some of the songs sound like they’re just waiting for a crowd to feed off of.