The Bridesmaid - Grayson (Self Released)

Post-rock, blackened shoe gaze...
Release Date: 
20 Aug 2015 - 11:30pm

Apparently the tracks from this EP have been languishing in some dusty cupboard for moons and moons - not that you could tell, as they ring with the contemporary yearning of modern shoe-gaze/blackened what-not. The duo behind the Grayson EP; JJ Saddington and Liam Davis, have produced/resurrected a decent four track EP of instrumentals that dip and soar in an appropriately cinematic fashion.

Opener Oates sets the (albeit typical) shoe-gaze settings to high with a vast arrangement of mellow yet heavy chord work before slipping into Ives; both tracks have some very fine stand out moments but the mellow keys on Ives take the prize for me. It's all plinky plonky before you get swept away by the fatter sections of the track. I actually found this release to be slightly madder and more intense than a lot of other post-punk/shoe-gaze what not; especially third track Aldrin which manages to combine absolutely mentalist noise with uplifting supplementary instrumentation. A heady combination indeed.

If you dig this kind of stuff (and I'm getting there, I tell you), then you'll love this. Otherwise it's just another arty release that will pass you by, but if you give it a go, you may well be pleasantly surprised.