Burning Point- Burning Point (AFM Records)

Burning Point’s melodies will burn deep into your skull…
Release Date: 
7 Jul 2015 (All day)

It is clear right from the first listen that Burning Point's Burning Point is not the kind of album that will wilt to an afterthought in the vast genre of power metal. Burning Point Is full to the brim of memorable melodies that will stick in your head all day, yet the album does not suffer any major forms of generic unoriginality which made it a joy to listen to.

A substantial attraction of this album is that Burning Point really know how to effectively piece together a song. The way they weave the vocal melodies into the guitar work throughout songs is extremely impressive, most notably on All the Madness and Into the Fire. I found myself singing along to many of the songs due to some mammoth choruses such as those in All The Madness (my personal favourite song on the album) and the lead single of the album, Find Your Soul. Find Your Soul is an immensely iconic song. The drum break into the guitar solo section is incredible and easily the highlight of the album.The impressive thing about the album, however, is this aspect is not overdone. For every mountainous chorus, there is one which pulls it back, offering a more mature listening experience such as those in Dawn of the Ancient War and My Darkest Times.

I’m a big fan of the overall sound of Burning Point. The guitar tone generated by Pekka Kolivuori and Pete Ahonen is quite unique and enjoyable. Pair this with the colossal drumming from Jussi Ontero and the foundation song is consistently of a high standard. The flair of Jarkko Väisänen on the keyboards adds a further dimension to this sound, which is most evident in the verses of Blackened the Sun where they hover above the guitar riff, creating a distinct effect which, whilst basic, adds much to the song. Nitte Valo (ex-Battle Beast) is a hugely impressive vocalist and adds a lot to this album. I enjoyed her singing most in Into the Fire. Her trading off with the gang vocals in the Chorus was spectacular. A problem I had with Nitte is that when she really gets going into the higher registers, whilst impressive, I found it to be borderline incomprehensible at times, such as the pre-solo vocals in In the Shadows. Massively impressive, but hard to follow. There are also very few standout moments from Sammy Nyman on the bass, he is very much sitting back in the songs following the guitars which is slightly disappointing. Lastly, I’m really not sure if In the Shadows is an effective opening song. It’s wild and fast yes, but songs such as Signs of Danger and All the Madness are largely more reflective of the album and perhaps would have been better suited to kick things off

Make no mistake about it, though, this album is a cracker. Song after song of memorable choruses and melodies, cunningly composed guitar solos which are among the more enjoyable I’ve heard in a long time. The negatives are far outweighed by the long list of positives on Burning Point