Carach Angren - This Is No Fairytale (Season of Mist)

Leave a trail of salt to mark your path, or you may never find your way out of this tale.
Release Date: 
23 Feb 2015 (All day)

Dark, forbidding, and riddled with more spine-chilling horror than a nineteenth century craft of the masters of macabre literature; yet the ferocious howls and gnashing instrumentation send the clear message that this is no work of fantasy, this is Carach Angren, and This Is No Fairytale. Perhaps one of the most anticipated releases of early 2015, This Is No Fairytale stands as the fourth and latest release from the Dutch symphonic black metal terrorizers. Formed in 2003, the ghoulish trinity of guitarist/vocalist Seregor, drummer Namtar, and keyboardist/vocalist Ardek, has been carving a name for themselves in the flesh of the extreme metal community through their combination of symphonic melodies over frostbitten black metal riffs and lyrical themes of ghost stories and legends. 

From start to finish, This Is No Fairytale sees the creation of the perfect soundtrack to a work of Edgar Allen Poe, or H.P Lovecraft. Song titles such as Dreaming of a Nightmare in Eden and Tragedy Ever After bring to mind a lost work of the aforementioned authors. Suspenseful orchestration and vocals in Two Flies Flew into a Black Sugar paint a picture of a poor soul running from something, doomed to succumb from whatever is pursuing them. Vocalist Seregor goes the extra mile to illustrate the torment felt by the main character of The Witch Perished In Flames in their last precious moments of life through agonizing roars and screams that would leave the Devil shaking in his boots.

Taking the magnificent imagery and keyboard work of a band such as Cradle of Filth and adding the razor sharp guitar and drum work of Old Man's Child while avoiding any clichés from doing so, Carach Angren stands as an exceptionally unique band. Their greatest skill is being able to craft an album that needs to be heard, or rather, experienced, to fully understand the genius of the band and its members. Still gaining notoriety in metal communities worldwide, and only recently breaking ground in North America as support for Deicide, Carach Angren are set to take the realm of extreme music by storm. And if you find yourself awake at night after this album, try to remember: it's just a story.