Deathblow - The Other Side of Darkness (Own Label)

Straight up thrash with a death chaser.

There’s not much to say about this not unpleasant EP from Utah’s Deathblow; Death-tinged thrash is the name of the day, with all the hoarse-throated vocalising and divebombing solo work that soubriquet might indicate. 

Indeed the most remarkable thing about The Other Side of Darkness is the splendid soloing of Holger (who also handles vocals in this three-piece setup, the rhythm section being comprised of Paul on bass and drummer Dan), who adds colour to what would otherwise be a set of pretty straightforward workouts with his excellent playing.

There’s nothing here to get hot under the collar about, unless you find yourself placed directly in front of the band in the live setting, when I imagine the effects of the maniacal Death Wish might be quite enlivening, but if you’re a fool for any sort of thrash release going then you won’t be disappointed by any of the five songs on offer here.