Devil You Know - They Bleed red (Nuclear Blast)

Blasting, shred-times...
Release Date: 
6 Nov 2015 - 12:30am

Another one of those 'supergroups', eh? I'm (reasonably) certain that MaF readers don't need an over-view of Devil You Know so we'll hook straight into it. They Bleed Red is most definitely heavier than 2014's The Beauty of Destruction. Opener Consume The Damned will tear your scalp clean off and is so chock-full of splendid double-kick and shredding that it should satisfy any listener. Howard Jones busts out a vocal delivery that drips venom and Francesco Artusato is surely king of the riff/shred recipe. As I mentioned, the drumming, care of John Sankey is pretty damn sweet. Bassist Ryan Wombacher doesn't seem to get much of a look in though (either on this track or the entire album). How can you top such a proud, magnificent starter?

I must admit that I can't go past Artusato's masterful playing; his technical skills are quite breath-taking. Perhaps it could be argued that he does overdo it a bit but that's not my view. Again, Sankey's drumming is monstrous and The Way We Die shows both players off to the max. Your Last Breath starts mellow and then gets fatter - it's not quite full blown metal-core (which is a relief) while Stay Of Execution is most deginitely more core in its form. Still can't get enough of those guitars though.

Break The Ties has some weird clean singing (well, it seems a bit weird after the preceding tracks with harsher vocals) and a strange (almost) reggae beat at one point; it jars yet, for that reason alone, I like it. Suddenly there's a splash of bass on Shattered Silence and Howard throws in some more clean singing with the ballad-like Let The Pain Take Hold. I suspect that I'm liking this album because it doesn't go all 'whiney-ass' full blown metal-core yet there are obvious elements of the genre in most of the tracks.

Overall, rather good - and these fellows will be playing Soundwave 2016. Quick! Nip out and get a sugar skull tatt...