Gnosis - The Third Eye Gate (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

Ritualised black metal...
Release Date: 
31 Aug 2015 - 11:30pm

Florida's Gnosis acknowlege a lot of their influences with this album. Blasphemy, for a start. Indeed, you can hear the strains of several of the greats of black metal poking through The Third Eye Gate like a bone through flesh - and it's a good thing. Intro kicks off with a bit of rain then Primaeval Light comes rushing in with a rather jaunty black metal (with perhaps a whiff of thrashiness?) riff. The drums and bass are particularly sweet. Next comes The Plague of Azotus with a great head-nodding riff - there's a lot to like here, and Gnosis obviously have a sound command of their instruments and where they want their tunes to go.

You get more juicy riffage with Chariot of the Sun-Moon. Admittedly at this point I got the impression that there was perhaps a touch too much formula being imposed on the songs but I can't fault Gnosis, even when I can predict what's coming next. Take Cult of the Great Serpent; you shouldn't stop yourself from indulging in a violent thrashing just because it's all been done before. It's still got a fatness that satisfies, regardless.

And thus, pretty much, runs the rest of the album. There are some sweet runs, some banging riffs and delicious drumming - it's a good album - but not a mind-blowingly brilliant one.