Grim Van Doom - Grim Love (WOOAAARGH/Aural Attack)

Fat, sludgy doom...
Release Date: 
10 Sep 2015 - 11:30pm

I'm glad that Grim Van Doom's name (which for some reason makes me think of glittery fun times) does not, in any way, shape or form, reflect their musical output. Their debut album's opener Goddamn This Love kicks off with remarkably chunky bass and a vehement vocal - indeed, it's more death and thrash than doom, but regardless, it's pretty damned fine stuff. The thick, sludgy goodness continues with Family Girl and again, the tune, and the band's sound, is definitely not archetypal doom. There's a grunt and a growl; a desparate howling even, to it, and the instrumentation is definitely a lot more violent than traditional doom. I'm digging it.

Snowfields shows off some fine drumming courtesy of Leo, while vocalist Lansky pushes his neck-pipes to bleeding point. All the while Nils (bass) and Dennis (guitars) continue to throw in some massively fuzzy four and six string work. The album is whipping by and The Storm has me chucking huge head-nods with each chord change - there's a nice bass break too, which is always a pleasure - and I must say that so far, this has been a surprisingly fine album. I think these guys would be good to see in a live setting; it's the kind of music that could only be improved by a sweaty club, jammed to the roof with huge amps and speakers.

Thulsa confirms this with some great dabs of strategically placed feedback, starting slow and then building into some thrashing monstrous creature. There's a nice groove element to the album too but thankfully it's not overdone; it slinks about under the heavier layers of each tune, adding a delicious note to each track. As debut albums go, this is a bloody good effort. I'm definitely looking forward to where they go next.