Hegemon: The Hierarch (Season of Mist) 2015

The Hierarch presents a cold, dark and nihilistic atmosphere.....
Release Date: 
13 Nov 2015 (All day)

French Black Metallers, Hegemon are a distinctive band; even for the standards of this genre. No need for names or pseudonyms, because Hegemon are more than human beings. At this stage of their career we know they have switched only a Drummer and Guitarist; that is twenty solid years of perfecting their craft. Six years after Corpus Mundi, Hegemon are back with their fourth Album (and sophomore release with Season of Mist) titled The Hierarch and the band will celebrate their 20th anniversary with it….

The Quintet mix their roots of southern France with Norwegian flavored Black Metal amid Melodic Death Metal, sound samples and acoustic guitars. The failure of men and their belief that they are the greatest creation is the most apparent theme throughout the album. The speed varies between double bass mid-tempo and hellish fury. The songs strengths are creating a cold, dark and nihilistic atmosphere with well-placed samples and acoustic guitars.

Another detail definitely worth mentioning is the vocalist's awesome work - his hateful, detestable and growling voice can't be from this world. This malice is showcased through tracks Interpreting Signs for War & The Empire of Zero. Unfortunately the album does have some weaker songs which are not always on point and at times the acoustic guitar sections are too predictable. Overall, The Hierarch is a solid album which definitely deserves a listen.