Insanity - Visions of Apocalypse (Unspeakable Axe/Dark Descent)

Convincing tech death metal...
Release Date: 
13 Nov 2015 - 12:30am

Old skool death/tech/tech/death (Fuck it - let's throw in 'thrash' too) metallers Insanity return with their first full length since 1994; was it worth the wait? Fuck, yer...

I'm always vaguely amazed that Insanity don't get more recognition because they always pump out solid tunes without ever compromising their sound and/or style. Their music will always be their music and what you get is solid death with a twist of technical aplomb; the drums pop, the riffs are bracing and the solos (more often than not) display a level of skill that's wholly fitting for the tune at hand. Opener Sacrefixion doesn't fuck about - it's straight into it with a battery of drums and chunky riffing. The wizard-like soloing isn't over done and the vocals are a solid grunt/scream affair. It all just fits perfectly.

The splendid double-kick is a stand-out on most of the tracks. It always makes me giggle with delight and I'm particularly enamoured with the skins work on second track When; there's a moment when the lead guitar kicks in with a howling solo that whisks me back in time. Marvellous. As albums go, Visions is archetypal; it is what it is (an exercise in death-tech), no more and no less - so I do ponder whether everyone will get on board with it as there isn't anything new or ground-breaking on offer. Perhaps I have just answered my original question regarding Insanity's popularity? We live in a world governed by the next big thing; the next cool trend. Wankers! A sad state of affairs. Possibly.

Still, I'm digging it so perhaps a fair wedge of the metal community might too. With spider-like intros such as that found on Dread The Dawn and the mighty title track Visions Of Apocalypse (complete with powerful church organ/samples intro and a banging riff) there's not a bad track on here. Old skool. Love it or die.