Jucifer - District of Dystopia (Alternative Tentacles/Nomadic Fortress/Handshake Inc)

Truth, in all it's naked, unalloyed glory.
Release Date: 
4 Dec 2014 - 11:30pm

Cleverly titled to mock the Capital City of their native abode, American noise activists Jucifer have come up trumps with this ninth outbreak of sonic assault and battery.

You can’t get much crustier than this – recorded on four tracks in the back of a van, ferchrissakes – and if it’s sonic clarity you favour above all else hen you’d do well to stay well away from this particular district. However if, like me, you revel in the absolute sonic degredation that the best kind of crust punk can offer, then you’ll have an absolute whale of a ime in the company of this record.

I’m no expert on the American constitution, so I’m going with the blurb on the album’s press release when I tell you that every track here refers to ‘laws passed by Congress and/or Presidential Executive Orders; But I do know enough about what goes on on the other side of the pond to know that something’s badly amiss, and Jucifer is using every weapon in it’s grinding arsenal to bring those injustices to the attention of the widest audience possible.

In that sense, the filth-soaked assault of tracks like the superb Ratified is true punk music, the very apotheosis of what the underground should stand for. Musically, there’s more grind and less punk to my ears, and that’s not a criticism. The final, debilitating wave of noise that’s presented to the listener is devastating in the extreme, providing a chaotic maelstrom of rage that’ll help you put your own day to day woes in some sort of perspective as you thrash like a maniac whilst listening, wherever you happen to find yourself at the time. 

Harshly honest, sonically brutal, District of Dystopia is a livid, suppurating sore on the carcass of American society – pick at it at your peril.