King Parrot - Dead Set (EVP Recordings)

This Rude, Crude Gigantuous Bitch....
Release Date: 
15 May 2015 (All day)

The expectation brewing around King Parrot’s sophomore album was flagrant. The Melbourne natives made such a colossal statement with their debut album Bite Your Head Off that their work was truly cut out for them to expand on an already legendary sound. I believe they have done just that with Dead Set... In spades.  

Apart from a few initial choice words of mine like ‘Holy shit!’, ‘Fuck yes!’ and Get the fuck outta here!’ my response to Dead Set is genuine respect to the amount of sweat and struggle put into this album, and the potency of the King Parrot insurgency that has now solidified upon its release.

Dead Set is a mature and modernised sound for a band whose reputation was already severely preceding them. Dead Set has polished the sound of King Parrot; a sound which had so much muscle and force it was like trying to yield a kracken. King Parrot have now disciplined this inferno and cultivated the sound in order to get the absolute best out of this rude, crude little bitch. They’ve cleaned her up, toned her up, washed her face, and this is the platform she now stands upon.

Need No Savior in particular, instantly throws you in the pit, a pit in which you’re tossed around like a rag doll, receiving an absolute battering from the boys who rarely show mercy and relentlessly pound the living bejebus out of you. The songs in general have more legroom, more liberty to really sink those technical details in that we all appreciate, Home Is Where The Gutter Is is a prime example of the bands new found creative perception; still showcasing the elements of grind and thrash the band have always used as a staple; the music is fluid, its direction changes on a dime and seeing as that Dead Set clearly demands savvy, this ill mannered menace has a lot of bite. The only comparison I can make would be to wield a sledgehammer through your mother’s china cabinet while ripping into a raw steak.  

King Parrot is renowned for their live show, it is hands down one of the most entertaining spectacles you will see on a heavy metal stage and I am in raptures at the fact that this album is as charged as their live performance. You can feel the mosh pit; you can feel the beer soaking you.... You can hear Slatts' faint tormenting of the crowd. And like the stage, Dead Set is their territory, get in or get out of the fucking way.


Dead Set is out now on EVP Recordings