Mammoth Mammoth – Volume IV: Hammered Again (Napalm Records)

There's nothing not to like on Volume IV: Hammered Again, it's the perfect blend of in your face heavy, fuzzy, stoned out punk n roll - it's mammoth!
Release Date: 
27 Mar 2015 - 12:00pm

There are some damn fine bands bashing around the pubs and clubs of Australia at the moment, and those of you whom regularly frequent said venues should already be aware of the monster that is Mammoth Mammoth and so will already own Volume IV: Hammered Again (I hope), those that aren’t au fait with the bands brilliance - read on.  

As evidenced by the album title this is the bands fourth release and is the follow up to 2012’s Volume III: Hell’s Likely. Life’s A Bitch kicks the album off (and the hinges off the door!) with its spit n vinegar, nasty four to the floor punk n roll attitude. It’s a blast of powerful hi- octane fuelled punk metal, with its almost Manowar- styled chant along ending bringing a smile to my dial. 

Lookin’ Down The Barrel fires on all cylinders entertaining the listener with its livewire delivery. The rhythm section of Pete Bell (bass) and Frank (Bones) Trobbiani (drums) drive the tune along ferociously, you can feel how hard these boys are abusing their instruments, there’s a passion on display here that is as powerful as it is simple. 

Electric Sunshine is the first track off the album with more of a stoner vibe, and consequently provides Mammoth Mammoth vocalist Mikey Turner the opportunity to showcase his vocal talent; the delivery is more melodic than that of the first two tracks, it has a kind of John Garcia vibe to it. 

There’s more than a passing similarity between Mammoth Mammoth and Nashville Pussy - and I don’t call that a negative - with cases in point Fuel Injected, Sick (Of Being Sick) and High As A Kite all happily being able to sit on Pussy’s Up The Dosage. They’re top notch Aussie pub rock tunes, and keep in mind Nashville Pussy do a cracking cover of Rose Tattoo’s Rock n Roll Outlaw, so putting two and two together you come up with six and, without drawing too much of a long bow, without Aussie pub rock there would be no Nashville Pussy! It all comes full circle!

Ben (Cuz) Couzens (guitar) gives us quite an old school metal riff on Black Dog, it’s got an eighties Ozzy Osbourne feel to it, but then kind of veers into a grunge vibe, which is wholly appropriate considering the subject matter! Promised Land follows up and it stays a little grungy sounding, reminds me of something Soundgarden would have produced in their heyday.

With Reign Supreme and Hammered Again the boys start heading back into punk n fuzz n roll territory, they’re both cool tracks that get the head nodding and the foot tapping. Excellent beer tunes!

Volume IV: Hammered Again is a great release and should find its way into a few 2015 best of Aussie release lists. Mammoth Mammoth have again produced a fine set of tunes that they should be justifiably proud of. So, get out and support home grown rock, grab a copy of this, a slab of Melbourne Bitter, and a couple of spliffs and if you see the boys playing in your neck of the woods make it a date.