Perdition Temple- The Tempter's Victorious (Hells Headbangers)

One order of blackened death but hold the gravy.
Release Date: 
23 Mar 2015 - 11:30pm

If we were to get metaphorical for a moment and compare metal record labels to restaurants, then Hells Headbangers would definitely be the little fish and chip shop down the road. Sure, you’re never going to get a 5 star meal from the place and there isn’t a great deal of variety on the menu, but you’re okay with that. You go there because they do one thing really well; you go there because you just want a big greasy plate of chips. Well, you asked for it so they’ve gone and offered up a big serving of grease in the form of Perdition Temple’s new album, The Tempter’s Victorious

Now, for the more crusty headbangers out there that may have survived the days when death and black metal were both brewed in the same filth-ridden pot, a little trivia may be in order. If, while spinning this record, you notice that the primitive black soup that is spewing forth from your speakers sounds a lot like 90’s stalwarts Angelcorpse, that’s because Perdition Temple is that band’s spiritual successor. Yes, Perdition Temple was formed by the mastermind behind Angelcorpse, Gene Palubicki. They also have onetime Angelcorpse guitarist, Bill Taylor, on the lineup. So, if any of those names mean anything to you, you’ll already know what to expect, that is to say, a super-primal mix of black/death barbaric war metal straight from the days where the saw was the law.

Now for the downside. Bands playing this style of metal are a dime a dozen and unfortunately, The Tempter’s Victorious is never going to be one of the jewels in the black/death crown. The material here is what it is; it’s hearty, straightforward and good for the most part, but never remarkable. It’s satisfying for what it is, with a particular favourite being Devil’s Blessed with it’s strong riff anchoring the song throughout.

The Tempter’s Victorious works well for what it is, and a good pair of headphones will let you appreciate all the nuances underneath the maelstrom. However, it is an inessential listen for people not rabidly into blackened death. You can eat your chips or not. Your choice.

The Tempter's Victorious is out now.