Red Razor - Beer Revolution (Own Label)

Anthrax meets Tankard in a thrash flashback...
Release Date: 
30 Jun 2015 - 11:30pm

Red Razor like a beer and they obviously like a bit of eighties thrash too, judging by the sound of Beer Revolution. Not that this is a bad thing; as I got progressively drunker, I found myself enjoying this album more and more. Conversely, I also stopped pondering whether another eighties thrash tribute album was really a necessary thing, and instead I gave myself over to Gustavo Kretzer's rumbling bass (which was also a personal highlight for me on here). I also thoroughly enjoyed Fabricio Valle's vocal style and guitar work too, which was both honest and refreshing.

Coupled with Felipe Ferreira's six string work and Igor Thiesen's splendid drumming (Red Razor opt for the traditional four piece line-up), the entire album is like something circa Anthrax's Fistful Of Metal and/or Spreading the Disease. Mash this kind of sound with an obvious love of fizzy pop (herein lies the Tankard vibe) and you'll prety much get the idea of what to expect. There's also a nice punky layer to the sound too - indeed, the sound of Beer Revolution is exceedingly familiar and a source of comfort to me; much like my grubby comfort blanket that Nurse keeps hiding from me.

My only real gripe (and it's not really even a gripe) is that the song structures are very similar - but that's what we were about, back then in the day, no? Verily I say that rum is a bad wife but a wonderful mistress, as is Red Razor's Beer Revolution, meaning that while you might not have this on high rotation, you should definitely give this a go every now and then. Quite fun.