Rise of Avernus: Dramatis Personæ (Aural Music)

Musical Lust
Release Date: 
13 Apr 2015 (All day)

Rise of Avernus truly rise in their latest offering Dramatis Personæ, beginning with In The Absence of Will which embarks on a formidable elevation of synth, strings and ominous delight... To its peak; consisting of a heavy, commanding and earth shattering rumble. Rise of Avernus have accurately mastered the art of progression, with every detail meticulously executed to create this flawless blend of orchestral doom. The composition and technique shown throughout Path to Shekinah is exquisite and bound to give you those all body chills you anticipate. There is so much going on in this EP, the elements they have incorporated throughout every song create such an atmosphere that it’s hard to put it down (trust me, I haven’t stopped listening to it since I got it).  

The sheer flow and arrangement of the tracks is seamless. Another focus is the drum pattern used throughout the EP, being that it is relentlessly sophisticated, stylish and complimenary to those famed sounds; the chugging of the guitars and the dramatic sounds of the keys send your admiration soaring. Don’t fool yourself; this is one of the hardest styles of music to craft, there are a vast amount of elements to consider when attempting such a feat. Rise of Avernus have genuinely found their niche throughout the creation of Dramatis Personæ. This is the release of their career. This is the release that will define Rise of Avernus as a heavy player in the realm of symphonic metal. They now stand with the elite in my opnion.  

Acta Est Fabula features Grutle Kjellson of Norwegian elite outfit Enslaved. It’s humbling having a musician of such calibre featured on an album, this is a perk for any artist however it’s safe to say that Acta Est Fabula has elevated Grutle’s status, It is truly stunning. Acta Est Fabula takes you on a journey through.... Hold up I must head bang... *head bangs* Ok where was I?

An Alarum of Fate is gripping, triumphant and satiates with mouth-watering melody, Mares Refalaeda shows her skills with the keys and the statement is reinforced by a relaxed tone from the bass and drums. To then once again elevate to a terrorizing poise of brutishness and splendour.

In Hope We Drown is my stand out track on this stunning opus. It characterises and highlights the ill-omened attraction of orchestral doom. The track once again features the talents of Mares Refalaeda, portraying the delicate, with her uninhibited and regal voice and Ben vanVollenhoven exposing the viciousness with those unrelenting growls we all consider a staple. The scaling, the harmonies, the sheer force this track packs into the album is fucking phenomenal. You get it all with In Hope We Drown. Stunning guitar work, the eerie chanting, the elegant drumming, and bound together with the synthe.... It is breathtaking. The EP may have finished however this is so far from the end for Rise of Avernus....  

This is a game changer and Rise of Avernus have now set the bar, with an exceptionally high benchmark to follow. Rise of Avernus are quick to become my orchestral touchstone. Dramatis Personæ serves it all; a collision of tastes for every palette and one I will be savouring for years to come.