Romeo's Daughter - Spin (RD Records)

Old fashioned Spin maybe, but rubbish it certainly ain't...

Brit AOR stalwarts Romeo’s Daughter, like many of their kind that hailed from the UK, carried a bit of a whiff of the also-ran about them in the old days, even in their heyday when bubblegum pop metal was the order of the day and their take on same, in the guise of the Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange-inspired Heaven in the Backseat was riding high on US rock radio. A band I was in back then, Sapphire, supported them at around that time and the band, whilst being utterly professional – competence in excelsis in fact – certainly seemed to lack the sort of star quality we expected from our (American) AOR titans.

That said, they had a set full of storming hard rock in their locker, and in Leigh Matty they had a frontwoman destined for a longtime global presence on teenaged male bedroom walls, so it probably should come as no surprise that the band is still lurking around the traps in 2015, armed with a album, Spin, that is every bit as good as those far-off, heavily permed days of nineties memory.

In fact, Spin is better than anything the band releases back in the day. More considered, soulful even, the songs included here really do sound like the work of a band at the top of it’s game. Matty never had the most belting of voices, and the uplifting though gentle likes of Love Will Come to Those Who Wait and Tall Buildings are constructed to deliver her voice to the listener with maximum effectiveness. This is beautifully made music, and Matty herself revels in the more organic, stripped-down nature of the songs. The country-tinged Didn’t See You Coming is another pleasure, but in all honesty there really isn’t a weak track to be found on Spin.

That Romeo’s Daughter are still able to release albums in this day and age clearly means there’s still a market for this kind of music, however dated our younger readers might think the record sounds; and, for my part, as long as the band can keep up the sort of quality levels found here on Spin, I hope they continue releasing records for many years to come.