Sabbath Assembly - Sabbath Assembly (Svart Records)

Release Date: 
10 Sep 2015 - 11:30pm

Sabbath Assembly's fifth album marks the band's break from one of their greatest sources of inspiration, namely The Process Church and its hymns. This separation doesn't appear to have affected the band's ability to create utterly compelling tunes to blow your freaking mind. Admittedly first track Risen From Below shows the band heading into heavier territory than the more devotional (and mellow) Quaternity (2014) but as soon as the chugging guitars establish themselves (Kevin Hufnagel shows his absolute command of his instrument at all times) and Jamie Myers' glorious vocal styling begins weaving throughout the tune, you know you're going to be hanging on every riff and vocal line - indeed every piece - of each of the nine tracks on here.

There's a grinning mischievousness to Jamie's singing style; for me, it thrills and haunts simultaneously. Couple her unique delivery with the quality of the lyrics, and you'll be returning to this album again and again. Everyone involved has an almost intuitive grasp of what each song requires; drummer David 'Christian' Nuss batters the kit brilliantly in Burn Me, I Thirst for Fire as the track dips and soars like some Luciferian angel. My Word! Such fun! Just check out the magnificent intro to Only You - it only lasts for a few seconds before the tune gets all mellow but it's just so damn arousing. Throw in new bassist Johnny Deblase and viola player Eva Vonne and you get a band that knows how to engage the listener. I can't pick a single track as a favourite - every single one is genius of the highest order. I'll say it again; genius, utterly creative genius. And what about the mellow(er) Apparition of the Revolution or album closer Shadows of Emptiness? Too much beauty and glory...I cannot endure the rapture...

When the fuck are they coming out here on tour?