Seedy Jeezus - Seedy Jeezus (Blown Music)

Seedy Jeezus aren't jumping on a trend, you can tell these blokes live this life, it's seedy and off the wall and drug fueled and reckless. It's a mind blowing acid trip. I genuinely believe these blokes do believe they're living in the seventies.
Release Date: 
20 Mar 2015 (All day)

I've been in the mood for local fare recently, not only local Canberra like Tonk or Johhny Roadkill, but stuff from further afield, for example Thrashed from Sydney (who have unfortunately just this week gone on an indefinite hiatus), the Gong's Troldhaugen, and Clowns and Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene from Melbourne. Well another Melburnian gem has surfaced in the form of Seedy Jeezus and damn do these boys deserve some success. I was hunting around online looking for new stuff and stumbled upon the Seedy tune Shakin' The Fuse, listened to about half of it dove into their web store and scored myself a vinyl copy of their debut self-titled release, not due for official release until mid-March. Well that puppy has arrived early and I'm digging in.

So, how's the album go? It goes all fkin right, well better than that actually! The boys managed to get a little help on the engineering, mixing and mastering from none other than Tony Reed of Mos Generator fame (what a coup) and so the album itself sounds fantastic, each instrument can be heard, it's not muddy and showcases the talents of the players exceedingly well. And it was recorded live in the band room at The Tote! Before I go on I have to note, this isn't on my Metalasfuck review list, I'm sneaking this pre-release review in and hoping to slip it past Ed - fingers crossed, if you're reading this I guess I was successful!

Trippy, acid, space rock might best describe the sounds the Seedy boys manage to summon from their respective instruments. Throw in some classic rock ala Cream (Ginger would be well impressed with some of these jams) or Hendrix with some Hawkwind or Rush and the boys of Jeezus will take you on a musical ride the likes of which you may not have been on, or at least not one this good.

Shakin' The Fuse is a straight ahead rocker; it's a bit glam, a bit dirty and just a little bit sexy. It sounds like it's designed to get the bum shaking and that's exactly what it does and in doing so it can't hide the underlying MC5 feel the tune taps into, and neither do the boys want to try and hide it. It's like the MC5 and New York Dolls hit it off together and spawned a side project, it's pure trippy  groovy gold is what it is.

Second track up, Wormhole, starts to show where the bands heart truly lies, it's the first step in the spacey jam band direction the album takes us, it has an almost prog sensibility about it at times while mining the frantic intensity of an acid trip. Universal Overdrive is all fast paced and in your face and Chasing The Dragons Tail rears up and goes for the throat, this is one hell of a tune, when these boys break down to a jam things get so gloriously ridiculous. Pick Up closes the first side of the album and shines just as brightly as the other tunes have.

Side B of this bad boy only has the two songs, and you might be inclined to think it's short or boring, but it certainly is anything but. The boys manage to break out huge jams on the two tunes How Ya Doin and Sun In My Car, there's some really interesting space rock on this side, layered with heavy slabs of psych.

The debut release from Seedy Jeezus gut punches you with its seething recklessness, it's a beast of a record and is a shining example of the ample talent rockin on this fine shores. Get out and support it but get in soon if you want a copy of the vinyl, they funded it through Pozible and so will likely only have a small number.