Terminal Cheesecake - Cheese Brain Fondue: Live in Marseille (Artificial Head Records)

Nostalgic fun-times...
Release Date: 
31 Jul 2015 - 11:30pm

It could be argued that the levels are all wrong on Terminal Cheesecake's Live In Marseille album. I would dispute this because those cunning production monkeys have made the album's sound totally evocative of a live gig - indeed, I was whisked back in time to The Venue in New Cross where smoking was permitted indoors, dry ice wafted about the place and squelchy floors clung to the soles of your shoes at every turn. Good times, I think.

So yes - the levels might seem a bit out of sorts but fuck it - when you get a ten minute opener such as Fake Loop to kick off proceedings, what's not to like. It conjures the anticpation of a live gig as you wait for the drugs to kick in, and nice twangy guitars merge with a muttered vocal that's pretty deep in the mix. Six minutes in and it all gets a bit more involved. I'm not even that put out by the vocal differences between Gary Boniface (gone) and Neil Francis (in). Suddenly it's Bladdersack with sassy drums and chaotic wah-wah and it's almost Bullet The Blue Sky in structure. It all gets a bit baggy (such is the joy of a good live album) before it all comes back together on the main riff. There's a real fookin' charm to this album and the lead work is magnificent. The tune slips seamlessly into Johnny Town Mouse and then a special heart-warming favourite of mine; Blowhound. It's a monster and it just sounds like the whole damn band is grinning their tits off as they bashed this one out. It just goes on and on and on...it's bloody magnificent and reinforces my pride in cockney madman power.

If you like your music twangy, delayed, chaotic and most definitely played with a lunatic smirk, then get involved with this. Poultice almost oozes across the dancefloor with sultry throbbing rthythms, and it's easy to see the influence that these Cheesecake fellows had on the musical landscape of the late eighties/nineties. Cheap whizz, anyone? Don't mind if I do, sir...A great album. Get some now.