The Ugly - Decreation (ViciSolum Productions)

Black metal fun with a twist of something else...
Release Date: 
4 Jun 2015 - 11:30pm

The is the first album that I've actually been able to hear properly since a rather terrible head cold blocked my ears over two weeks ago. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm joyful because I can hear again or maybe, just maybe, The Ugly (dodgy name) have released a rather intriguing album by the name of Decreation. It's black metal but there's also something else to it - perhaps it's their sound? It's not massively high-toned; in fact, there are sections that chug away like some old school thrash tune (see Legio Mihi Nomen Est for instance) yet there are other tracks, such as the opening riffs of Crawl that are combined with such delightful blasting and wailing and screaming that it's pointless to argue the depth of the blackness that influences the band - and yet there's definitely exceptionally strong elements of death, thrash and whatnot here too. Regardless, I'm loving it.

Marduk drummer Fredrik Widigs obviously has a deep love for what he does, and he blasts his litttle (cold/black/cruel) heart out on here - obviously there's more than a passing nod to Marduk and/or Bathory going on but what else could you expect? The album was also mixed by Marduk bassist Magnus 'Devo' Andersson so that would be another contibuting factor to the sound that The Ugly pump out. But similarities aside, this is a pretty damned fine effort - Cult of Weakness is just so pleasurable to whack on the stereo and get all heretical to; it heaves and staggers about the place - and there's an atmosphere of malignance that stabs right through the entire album. I say Sweden have done well once again with their black metal shenanigans. Splendidly mental stuff.