Ur Draugr - The Wretched Ascetic (Own Label)

Please sir, can I have some more?
Release Date: 
8 Feb 2015 - 12:30am

Too bloody short! This three track debut EP from Perth's Ur Draugr is bloody good but bloody short (as you may well expect from an EP) though admittedly there's still 20 odd minutes of extreme metal to tantalise and tickle your ears. Opening with the haunting, clean picked intro of Unseen Golgotha, the tune soon builds up into a roaring, shouting beast. I like it. Extreme metal seems to bung in as many layers as it possibly can and The Wretched Ascetic does exactly that. Roaring vocals, frenzied guitars and fiery drums - it's a huge monstrous thing - and title track The Wretched Ascetic is a magnificent howling, chugging, growling, shrieking number with some banging fat bass and wave upon wave of deliciously heavy guitar. The drums are pretty damned spectacular too. But it's not all full-on madness; there are some lovely mellow bits too where the lead guitar soars about the place and it gets rather groovy - but then it all drops back into the madness again and I fall in love with it all over again. It clocks in at just over ten minutes so there's ample time for the band to flick from one speed to another and back again and they use their time impeccably to bust your face with thrashing sections which are then juxtaposed against the gentler bits. This seems to highlight the madness all the more.

Ur Draugr is made up of past and current members of such illuminaries as  Wardaemonic, Morphica and DeathFuckingCunt and while I'm not sure who is doing what, I do know that I need to see a full length album as soon as possible. Please. Ooh! And by the way, the album art for this little gem is a total delight too.

Sombre Moribund finishes the EP with an intro that conjures a foggy wharf at midnight; all mellow and twangy. It's atmospheric and suspenseful (I was just waiting and anticipating for the bit where it went all mental) but there's a surprise to be had with this one. Cheeky devils! Check it out.