Voron - Propaganda (Dooweet)

The complexities of tech death stripped bare...
Release Date: 
10 May 2015 - 11:30pm

Despite being firmly rooted within the traditions of the death metal genre, Parisian outfit Voron have plenty to offer beyond the somewhat constrained confines that that tag might allude to.

Working in a tight three-piece format, guitarist/vocalist Voron, Yann (bass) and drummer Pierre have developed a massive sound that belies their shorthandedness, sounding for all the world at times like a dods metal Rush; Second track Is Suicide My Fate is an absolute prog rock tour de force, anchored in a rock-solid, almost funk-rock rhythmic strut, all fat Billy Gould basslines and four to the floor kick drum solidity, Voron all the while unleashing every trick in his locker to add colour and embellishment, then topping the whole thing off with a Tom-Warrior-circa-Appolyon’s Sun roar just to remind you that it’s a death metal band you’re listening to. It’s exhilarating stuff to be sure.

That said, it’s not all ‘look at me!’ showing off, and the band are just as effective with heads down and hair flailing; The title track and Kill This Day are highly efficient pieces of stripped-back bombast, the three power trio format of the band allowing the three members to simply fall back on their bare talent as the song demands, but this is 2015 and so it’s inevitably the more ear-snagging stuff we’re looking for here at MaF, which luckily we find to be evenly distributed over the rest of the album. Willingly, (which features a guest appearance from Mattjo Haussi of Madonagun) is the sort of aching, heroic power balladish song that Evergrey have made their own over the years – albeit it with more oomph! and less pomp and bluster – whilst the album’s best track, The Funeral of Time (which features another guest appearance, this time from Florent Jannier of Arkan) is pure prog-death grandiosity incarnate, stately riffage embellished by one of the best growlalong choruses you’ll hear in a long time.