XII Boar - Pitworthy (Own Label)

Dripping with promise, if not always originality...
Release Date: 
8 Mar 2015 - 11:30pm

On their facebook page, Aldershot, UK trio XII Boar state their interests as being ‘Whiskey and good times’, which should go some way to explaining to you their overall sound and theatre of operations.

That’s right, what we have here is another band not from the deep south of the United States promising a faithful recreation of, you guessed it, the sounds of the deep south of the United States, particularly Louisiana, but, geographical nonsenibilities aside, XII Boar would appear to have one thing in their favour ahead of the thousands of other dunces trying their luck at this sludge/groove/doom thing, viz, and it’s rather a big viz in the scheme of things – they’re rather good at it.

Of course, they don’t quite pull off the authenticity thing – they are much closer in sound on pleasing workouts like Young Man and The Schaeffer Boogie to Orange Goblin than anything Phil Anselmo might have had a hand in – but they are good enough at what they do to make Pitworthy an exciting listen all the same.

In fact when the band stretches out they have a boogieful, bluesy edge to their sound that actually places them in a sort of desolate territory somewhere between ZZ Top and Motörhead which might actually work in their favour as times goes by, opening their sound up to perhaps a generation of listeners older than those who might otherwise be attracted to the ‘sludge’ tag, but they do have their moments of all out aural war – the title track sounds like a bad, dope-smeared dream featuring High on Fire and Black Sabbath duking it out over the keys to the last rental van out of some god-forsaken southern truckstop as the Zombie hordes shuffle ever closer, with guitarist/vocalist Tommy Hardrocks impressing with an extended solo midway through the song.

It’s always hard for young bands, however talented, to stake a claim in the increasingly saturated world of heavy metal, and we here at Metal as Fuck certainly like to lend a helping hand to those we think have the extra something to take it all the way, so it’s nice to be able to recommend a ‘new’ band (these lads have already been plugging away for five years, but you know what I mean) like XII Boar. They ain’t got a whole lot to offer that’s new, but when they let rip on fast an’ furious ditties like Chicken Hawk it’s apparent that what they have got is bags of skill and some great tunes that deserve some attention – go on, give ‘em a go…